Stimulus funds beautifying New Hampshire?

Beauty Schools Across Granite State Net More Than $300,000 Through Federal Spending Program

LACONIA CITIZEN – “The Empire Beauty School in Laconia was also the recipient of $250,000 in nonreimbursable direct financial aid.” (Gail Ober, “Laconia gets more than $6.5m from fed stimulus,” Laconia Citizen, August 30, 2009)
FOSTER’S DAILY DEMOCRAT – “Further south, The Portsmouth Beauty School received $18,600 in ‘direct financial aid.’” (Adam D. Krauss, “Seacoast gets $45m in aid from feds,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, August 30, 2009)
NOWHAMPSHIRE.COM – “The reason for the low level of job creation is easily gleaned from the so-called Progress Report issued on August 19th: At least $175,000,000 of the first $336 million of stimulus money spent in the New Hampshire has replaced existing state spending on education, housing and safety programs which may have been cut due to state budget constraints. A investigation reveals almost $37,000 of that money went to a Bedford beauty school that does not grant degrees.” (Shawn Millerick, “Bedford Beauty School Received Stimulus Funds,”, August 24, 2009)
Read the state’s stimulus progress report.

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