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Americans are rightly concerned about President Obama’s health care plan. They fear it could raise health care costs, decrease quality and result in the rationing of care. 

But there’s another good reason for skepticism: the Congressional Budget Office has pegged the cost of the proposals at $1 trillion.

That’s $1 trillion in the context of other massive spending programs that have been adopted within the past year. As a recap, first came the $700 billion bank bailout. Then Congress approved President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package, which was followed by a $410 billion catch-all spending bill that included thousands of earmarks. All this should be considered at a time when the federal budget deficit is expected to increase by more than 300% in one year.

ObamaCare won’t just drive up budget deficits. Democrats’ plans will also kill jobs and cripple wages. Small businesses trying to survive the economic downturn will be forced to lay off workers or reduce salaries to comply with costly new government mandates. With small firms accounting for nearly 97% of New Hampshire’s employers, Granite State residents have every reason to be alarmed by the pending proposals on Capitol Hill.

Our country’s quality health care system is the envy of the world. The overwhelming majority of Americans – about 80% – say they are happy with their health care coverage. While there is broad agreement that action must be taken to help the uninsured, the Democrats’ one-size-fits-all approach will make budget deficits worse, burden our small businesses, threaten our high quality of care and possibly make coverage more expensive.


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