Grassroots Communication in the 21st Century Conference

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester
Saturday, January 30, 2010

While the Granite State is famous for its old-fashioned brand of grassroots politics, there is a growing importance of embracing emerging methods of communication to deliver our message to voters, constituents and activists. By learning to master these new methods of communication while continuing the use of successful traditional outreach tactics, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Party and get our message out. Through this conference, you will be given basic tools to harness and excel at these new methods of communication to disseminate our message, organize and mobilize online.

Registration will begin at 8am with the receptions and conferences running from 9am to 6pm. Many special guests are expected including Andrew Breitbart, an internet news pioneer whose web properties include, and, and Stephen Gillett, Chief Information Officer and GM Digital Ventures for Starbucks Corporation.

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